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October 10, 2023 LEPC MEETING @12 noon at the Benson Center, Clinton, MO

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Welcome to Henry County LEPC
Haz Mat Education that Won't Cost You a Dime

In 1986, Congress passed the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) establishing requirements for businesses and for federal, state, and local governments regarding emergency planning and community right-to-know reporting for hazardous materials. As a result, States and communities, working with industry, are better able to protect public health and the environment.


It is essential for industry to be a part of that planning process to ensure facility plans are compatible with local emergency plans. As such, you are invited to send your representative(s) to our bi-monthly meetings (lunch provided) to express your needs and interests on working together to address local hazardous materials emergency preparedness and response

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